Ride Better Together

More Friends On Powder Days Cotton Bag "Mountains"



Some opportunities only come once in a while - one of them is the morning sun rising across a clear blue sky in the mountains after a night full of snow. Seize that moment. Get up early. Wake up your friends, be the first on the top and surf together through the white like there is no tomorrow!

This cotton bag is not following the self-centered saying "no friends on powder days". Nobody has fun alone in the snow and there is nothing better than to enjoy those moments together with your best mates.

Say "NO!" to plastic bags and help to reduce the waste on our planet - it's the only one we have. This eco-friendly alternative is made of 100% cotton and comes in elegant black color. With its size of 41x36 cm It has enough space for all of your stuff and the best thing about it: you can use it over and over again!