Ride Better Together

Why we're here

Imagine what it feels like when you just surfed the best wave of your life, landed a damn hard trick for the very first time or just slashed through the deepest powder of the season. You're stoked. Delighted. Happy as a child.

And what is that all worth, if there is no one around with whom you can share your excitement? Where are your friends' screams and cheers, the high-fives and happy faces that inspire and motivate everybody to make the next ride even better?

We believe, that true happiness comes from sharing your joy with others.

It’s those magical moments full of adrenalin and excitement, that euphoric and delirious state in which you suddenly realize, that right here and right now - with exactly these people around you - the day is just… perfect.

With RIDE BETTER TOGETHER we want to inspire and encourage people to go out and enjoy their best moments together with others.

No matter whether you skate, surf, ride snowboard or ski, whether you ride your bike fixed, downhill or in the halfpipe - we all are united by our passion and our values. And it's the collective excitement, the endless energy and encouraging support for each other, that make these moments so much worth living for.

We are here to spread an idea. We are here to inspire.

The merch we offer is just a means to transport our vision. If you think like we do and want to contribute to the idea of a greater „WE“ in life, feel free to join the community.

Check back soon - official website launch is coming soon!